Jake Rogers

25th June 2017

Secure Mobile Application Development: A few Pointers

Do your encryption and mobile device management protocols actually ensure safety? Can it be even possible to construct scaling and secure solutions for devices and mobile […]
31st January 2017

Burp Suite Performance Tuning

In this post we’re going to discuss a few performance optimisations which can be made to Burp Suite, notably the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which considerably […]
16th September 2016

Powershell Empire + CVE-2016-0189 = Profit

Powershell Empire is one of our all time favourite tools for engagements where targeting users is in scope, however we generally use a combination of Metasploit […]
18th August 2016

Social Engineering – Our Take

With the recent increase in attacks, network security has become a talking point and focus for most security teams. The threats organisations are facing are evolving […]
11th August 2016

VAPT Testing for Total Assurance

Today, companies and organisations face a vast array of threats which may lead to a breach. Essential to any information security strategy is to identify assets and […]
9th August 2016

Common Questions Regarding Grey-Box Testing

What is the reason that Grey-box testing is based on requirement based test case generation? Grey-box testing uses assertion methods to preset all the conditions required, […]