Jake Rogers

3rd August 2016

How to Approach Penetration Testing?

In the past few years, the UK penetration testing market has grown considerably with several organisations in the market offering an extensive range of services, differing […]
27th July 2016

Unreliable Security Controls – A Tale of the Bangladeshi Bank Heist

A short time ago the news got out that the Bangladeshi Federal Reserve bank lost $81,000,000 (million) dollars to a successful hacking attempt. The fact these […]
25th July 2016

People Are the Greatest Security Vulnerability (Security Training)

The world of cyber security is strewn with examples of security vulnerabilities, many of which have resulted in embarrassing and expensive security breaches. A lot of […]
22nd July 2016

Keeping Your Client’s Data Safe Over The Cloud

Cloud Computing is changing the way we do things and how we perform computing tasks. The Internet has widened the threat vector on security and safety […]
21st July 2016

Security 101: How Not to Run a Network

In April 2015, a middle-school student in Tampa, FL broke into his school’s computer network. The student was charged with a felony. But how did the […]
20th July 2016

Social Engineering – Why I Think Your Business Should Care

I’m amazed every single day about the way people think about normal-life security inside companies. Big or small; everybody has weaknesses that go unnoticed until disaster […]