Tech Writing

16th September 2016

Powershell Empire + CVE-2016-0189 = Profit

Powershell Empire is one of our all time favourite tools for engagements where targeting users is in scope, however we generally use a combination of Metasploit […]
18th August 2016

Social Engineering – Our Take

With the recent increase in attacks, network security has become a talking point and focus for most security teams. The threats organisations are facing are evolving […]
9th August 2016

Common Questions Regarding Grey-Box Testing

What is the reason that Grey-box testing is based on requirement based test case generation? Grey-box testing uses assertion methods to preset all the conditions required, […]
3rd August 2016

How to Approach Penetration Testing?

In the past few years, the UK penetration testing market has grown considerably with several organisations in the market offering an extensive range of services, differing […]
27th July 2016

Unreliable Security Controls – A Tale of the Bangladeshi Bank Heist

A short time ago the news got out that the Bangladeshi Federal Reserve bank lost $81,000,000 (million) dollars to a successful hacking attempt. The fact these […]
18th July 2016

What is a Honeypot?

A honeypot is a system, with the sole purpose of attracting potential intruders and recording their malicious activity, that will enable us to further analyse and understand […]