Secure Mobile Application Development: A few Pointers

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31st January 2017
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Secure Mobile Application Development: A few Pointers

Do your encryption and mobile device management protocols actually ensure safety? Can it be even possible to construct scaling and secure solutions for devices and mobile platforms? And when it is, how can you implement those options without compromising productivity or employee satisfaction?

Over the many solutions we have tested, we have identified a number of techniques we are most likely to recommend to our customers:

Up-to-date, malware protection that is robust

This is a given. If your employees use work-provided smartphones or tablets to access data beyond any office, up to date anti-malware software is non-negotiable.

Authentication and Controls

To ensure restricted access to sensitive information or systems, you’ll need something more robust than simple password. 2FA can be an easy option – think biometrics, text messages and remote wipe mechanisms allowing you to remotely and automatically wipe stored information after a set amount of unsuccessful login attempts.

Bluetooth should in many instances be undiscoverable unless headphones are being used, and disabled entirely if not in use. Spare a minute to contemplate optimum configurations/settings for employees to default to – this gives peace of mind without asking them to disrupt their workflow an excessive amount.

Mitigate dangers from third-party applications

You’ll need a policy that pertains to the usage of third party software. Way too many security breaches happen when rogue software is installed, bringing with it concealed backdoors which may well siphon your company’s sensitive info away. Many forward-thinking enterprises choose to have workers log in to a virtual work environment. That way, the secure connection ensures just the screen output is obtainable on the device without the ability to transfer files.

Communications that are encrypted

By utilizing a VPN or other encrypted channel for any interaction between a mobile device and some of the popular services, you funnel users via a secure route. Better still to have them bounce through the corporate network first where traffic can be intercepted and logged for future inspection.

Securing mobile gateways

The productivity of your mobile workers might benefit from mechanisms that keep them focused on the task at hand – and this adds much desired protection at exactly the same time. Carefully consider what systems employees and apps really have to access remotely.

Utilize a second pair of eyes

An annual audit can expose any weaknesses and allow you to correct them at the fraction of a cost of a breach.

Bottom line

Search for a mobile partner who understands the best solutions are those that are flexible, targeted, and can evolve with the changing demands of your enterprise.

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