What is VAPT Testing?

VAPT is a process which combines both vulnerability analysis and penetration testing. Our most commonly used strategy to provide an organisation with a complete analysis and ensuring the strengths of both types of testing are leveraged and eliminating any shortcomings. Generally, this type of testing will also provide increased return on investment over using either method exclusively.

Key Benefits of VAPT

  • VAPT combines multiple methods of testing ensuring much better coverage over any single method.
  • Combining both techniques ensures false positives are eliminated and real threats are prioritised.
  • Attacks which may not be detected by one method will be detected by the other.
  • Automated analysis may reduce the time spent testing, also resulting in decreased cost.

What does VAPT Testing involve?

CrossGroup Security’s VAPT testing involves a vigorous analysis of the target system for possible weaknesses that could result from inadequate system configurations, known and unknown hardware or software flaws, or operational defects in process or technical controls. Using both automated and manual testing tools and techniques ensures we are able to ascertain very quickly where weaknesses exist whilst giving our customers a much more detailed view of any potential security weaknesses.

This type of testing can be applied to applications, systems, networks and anything in between.

CrossGroup Cloud

We have developed a proprietary scanning solution which is able to be deployed externally in many locations around the world, alternatively we are able to deploy a daemon or a server on your internal network which will enable us to scan your infrastructure without opening up your network to the outside world. Our platform can currently test for over 500,000 known vulnerabilities and this figure continues to increase daily. This system enables us to initiate a vulnerability assessment on demand, backed by the knowledge and expertise of our team.For more information regarding VAPT or the CrossGroup Cloud, please contact us.

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