VAPT Testing for Total Assurance

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9th August 2016
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18th August 2016
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VAPT Testing for Total Assurance

Today, companies and organisations face a vast array of threats which may lead to a breach. Essential to any information security strategy is to identify assets and establish a set of requirements around the testing of these assets which provides excellent coverage and accuracy. There are several established methodologies currently for penetration testing and vulnerability assessments however these activities become exponentially more powerful when used in conjunction with one another. This is known as VAPT testing.

The benefit of being able to regularly assess the security posture of any given system within an organisation cannot be understated, although the investment in any in-house solution needs to be carefully considered. There may be many hidden costs associated with having this capability internally. To top that, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are both highly specialised endeavours and demand very particular skills and abilities. Done right, either internally or by an external party means an advantage when it comes to mitigating any potential threat.

Those responsible for the VAPT testing must be highly proficient in both disciplines to be able to competently differentiate the impact of findings for digestion by the business and its employees, both technical and non-technical. They should also have an understanding of the function of the systems that are being assessed, for example if a server cluster is processing customer data or a certain network is PCI.

VAPT testing, alongside secure development and other processes may form the basis of a highly effective information security policy. CrossGroup are pleased to offer a comprehensive VAPT testing capability, giving customers the ability to leverage both our Azure cloud based vulnerability scanning cluster and our capable team of information security experts.

To learn more about our VAPT testing methodology, please visit VAPT penetration testing.

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